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Payment & Shipping Policy

Payment Options:

A Customer can pay by way of

Credit Cards  - accepts the following credit card: American Express, JCB, Mastercard, and Visa. will email the Sales Order to the customer and the link where customer can make his payment. The customer must click on the link to enter his payment.


  • Cut-off time is 8:00pm. All transactions made after the cut-off time and during weekends (Saturday & Sunday) and holidays are subject to verification and will be considered transactions for the next working day.
  • We are requiring you to send us the front  side of the credit card (just cover the middle part of the credit card no. we only require first 6 and last 4 numbers of the credit card) together with a valid ID (Company, Driver’s License, SSS, GSIS, PTR License and Passport).

Bank Transfer  -  Customer can deposit their payment to MC Home Depot Bank Account and email or or fax to (02)635-0144 the validated deposit slip.

Cash  -  Customer must bring their Sales Order and pay their purchases in any MC Home Depot branches. Note: If payment will be in check, the check needs to be cleared first before the product can be delivered to the recipient. MC Home Depot does not accept payment by COD (Cash On Delivery).


Delivery Options:

Delivery will be via Pick-up, MC In-House Delivery, LBC, or Chartered Truck. Full payment of products ordered including delivery fee and other charges must be made and cleared in order to confirm placement order.

PICK-UP - Customer or their representative can pick-up their ordered products at any MC Home Depot branch nearest to them after the full payment of their purchases has been made online. Customer must present their Sales Order, Payment Transaction and a valid I.D. at the CRM office. If a representative will pick-up the purchased items, an authorization from the customer in addition to the other stated documents will be required.

MC In-House Deliveries  - products can be delivered door-to-door within Metro Manila. Outside Metro Manila can also be considered on a case to case basis.  A delivery fee will be charged per transaction. Full payment of products ordered including delivery fee and other charges must be made and cleared in order to confirm placement order. The customer will shoulder the toll fees and subdivision charges, if any.

There maybe instances when items ordered and processed may not be successfully delivered to the intended recipient. In such case, is not liable for delay or non-delivery of your orders and does not entitle a customer to a refund and/or product replacement. Such instances are as follows:

  1. Incorrect Recipient Address
  2. Refuse Acceptance by Recipient
  3. Recipient was not available and nobody wants to accept order in his/her absence
  4. No one was available when delivery was made

Furthermore, shall not be liable for any loss, delay, non-delivery or misdelivery of your orders due to any of the following:

  1. Act of God or force majeure including but not limited to strike, war, rebellion, civil commotion, natural disaster or calamity, bad weather condition, acts of public enemies.
  2. Act, omission, fault of carrier, its agent, third party claiming interest in the delivery/shipment and government agencies with actual or apparent authorities.
  3. Nature of the delivery or other characteristic, defect or inherent vice therof.

MC Home Depot delivers Monday to Saturday. Deliveries on Sundays and Holidays can be arranged on a case to case basis.

LBC - products can be delivered door-to-door anywhere in the Philippines via LBC. The Terms and Conditions of LBC shall apply.

CHARTERED TRUCK  -  A chartered truck can be arranged for bulk deliveries. The delivery fees and terms and conditions of the preferred trucking service shall apply.