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5 Ways to build Green

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Nowadays when we talk about building Green, it usually means that a huge amount of Green will be needed as well – making the talk of trying to save the world by living in harmony with it just that much more difficult.

So why we sit here waiting for the price of solar panels to drop even further, here are a few ideas that you can take into consideration when trying to build Green

  • If you don’t need it, don’t build it. While more space may always be the natural tendency in a home, building just for the space that you actually need is more eco-friendly. If you build small, you end up using less in the construction of your new home which translates into savings, AND; in the long run smaller spaces will save you more Green as larger spaces require greater amounts of energy to cool or heat. And using less energy means that you are helping reduce the strains on Mother Nature.

  • Do you really need to be so anti-social? Build your home in an area where a “quick trip to the store” or “getting to the main road” means a nice leisurely walk with the dog or a super short bike ride. The less you use your car to get around, the less carbon you emit into the atmosphere.

  • Where’s the sun? The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, angle your home so that the sun fills your bed room and kitchen in the morning, and fills your living space as it sets. If you live in more temperate zones where the harsh summer sun may be unwelcome, take the time to do some landscaping and plant trees on the western side of your home to help dilute the effects of the sun.

  • Switch to LEDs. We recently did an article on the “Other” benefits of LED lights. Bottom line, they may require more “Green” but they last longer, are far more durable and safer to dispose than any other kind of light in the market today.

  • Collect rainwater. If you can safely collect your rainwater – meaning it’s stored properly and not a stagnant breeding ground for mosquitos – then you have an alternative source of water than can be used for cleaning the house , the car, the dog;watering the yard, and; flushing down the toilet.

These are just five ideas that you can try to help make your home Green. They only go to show that if you think ahead and plant properly – which costs nothing – you can build a home that is in harmony with the environment and light on the budget.