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Pueblo de Oro: The Gold Standard in Community Living

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A lot of MC Home Depot regular customers are corporations who make bulk purchases from our stores. This makes a lot of sense given that homes, buildings and other projects are built in phases. MC Home Depot acts as a warehouse that Contractors, Architects or for anyone who builds a home can easily and readily draw material from. Today we’re starting a new series in the MC Home Depot Blog that will focus on the finished products – projects and homes that were made with quality products sourced from MC Home Depot.

So one sunny afternoon, we went out and visited one of our regulars in Pampanga: Pueblo de Oro.

Pueblo de Oro Development Corporation is a member of the ICCP Group: - the leading licensed investment house in the country. As such Pueblo de Oro holds itself up to a high standard of quality – A standard so high, they refer to it as a gold standard. A standard that they have maintained for over 20years

Pueblo de Oro traces its roots to providing low cost to medium housing in Cebu. Today Pueblo de Oro has projects in Batangas, Cagayan de Oro, Malvar Batangas, and will soon be providing homes near the Hermosa Development Zone in Bataan.

Here in Pampanga, Pueblo de Oro has three major projects:

  • La Aldea Fernandina: Spanish designed Duplex Townhomes on lots between 40-67 sqm2s that are available for between PhP 1.0M to PhP 2.0M

  • Park Place Pampanga: Japanese Zen inspired Duplex Twin-Homes that are built on 81sqm2 lots that are available for between PhP 2.0M to PhP 3.0M

  • Horizon Pampanga: Japanese Zen inspired single-attached homes built on 110sqm2 lots that are available for between PhP 3.0M and PhP 5.0M

If a home exists on a lot or area that a buyer likes, he or she can move his family in in as little as 2-3 months depending upon how long it would take to clear the necessary paperwork. If a home doesn’t exist where on a lot or area that the buyer wants, he or she can move his family into a freshly built home in as little as 5 months – including the clearance period.


We were quite impressed with the speed and quality of the houses that they built and asked Pueblo de Oro how they were able to maintain such high quality over projects that were so large. Their answer was that they are really serious about maintaining a “Gold Standard in Community Living” They work on 4 basic pillars:

  • They ensure that all their projects are in the best possible locations;

  • They ensure that all their projects are flood free;

  • They offer the best possible payment schemes, and;

  • They are uncompromising in terms of quality.

Pueblo de Oro employs contractors in the building of their units. There are three stages of construction and prior to the transfer of the home from one contractor to another – or the turning of the key so to speak – the construction must meet the rigid standards check-listed by Pueblo de Oro. No property is advanced to the next stage unless the set standards are fully met. No unit is turned over to a buyer unless all the turn-keys have been properly reached.

Pueblo de Oro takes pride in what the quality of their houses and in the fact that these are “Homes for the Future” meaning that upon completion, the owners are free to customize and expand each home to meet their tastes and needs.

They credit MC Home Depot as being one of their partners in ensuring that their Gold Standard is met. MC Home Depot has consistently been able to speedily provide them with quality materials at quite reasonable terms – ensuring that there are no delays in construction. In fact they are hoping that they can extend MC Home Depots services to their various contractors.

Do take the time to check out what could be your new home in Pampanga by visiting liking their Facebook page: , or calling (+63) 9178336154 or (+63) 9479980078

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