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The “Other” reasons you should switch to LED lights.

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We already know that LED lights are longer lasting and far more energy efficient than regular fluorescent bulbs, but did you know that there are other benefits that make switching to LED lights a must and not just an option?

Here are five "other"  reasons why you should switch to LED:

  • LEDs are made from Green tech. They contain no toxic chemicals and can actually be completely recycled with the right facilities. In contrast, Fluorescent lights – even the very energy efficient CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights) contains between 3 and 5 mg of Mercury in a vapor state inside. Mercury is toxic – both to humans and to the environment – so disposing, or the breaking, of fluorescent lights and bulbs is a community and environment problem.  

  • LEDs emit close to zero infrared and UV light. People who are sensitive to the effects of UV light due to certain skin conditions cannot be exposed to Fluorescent light for long – without risk of aggravating their symptoms. Also if you’re an artist, then you know that light is your friend, your tool, and your enemy as art pieces – especially photographs – constantly  exposed to UV and infrared radiation (Like those produced by the Sun or Fluorescent lights) will cause your precious memories to de-color and fade.  LED lights are far better around these sensitive items.

  • LED produces less heat. Fluorescent lights work by having an electric current excite the mercury vapor within the tube so that it releases ultraviolet light that then causes the phosphor coating within the tube to glow. Got that? It’s a forced process where it is supposed that only 10% of electricity used transforms into light. While modern fluorescent lights may no longer emit as much heat, LEDs emit even less heat as it is estimated that 80% of current entered into an LED is transformed into light with only 20% being emitted out in other forms – including heat.

  • Frequent switching does not affect LED lights. We’re sure you’ve been told by your parents to never play with the lights. Frequently switching a fluorescent light on-and-off erodes the bulb and shortens the bulb’s life span. LEDs have no such problem – just look at your Christmas lights.

  • LED lights do not need ballasts. Ballasts serve to stabilize the electric current within a fluorescent bulb. They also provide the initial “spark” needed to light up a bulb. Because of this, ballasts are costs that are added to any fluorescent light fixture, something that LED lights do not have to consider. Ballasts can also tend to add to the resistance of the assembly – increasing power demand by as much as 10%.

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