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MC Home Depot 22nd Anniversary

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Recommitting to an inclusive future.

MC Home Depot President Lawrence Chung recently gathered the management team of MC Home Depot to share their ongoing departmental projects, plans and experiences with one another. For the past few months, the employees and managers of MC Home could feel the exciting electricity of change in the company, and the President wanted everyone to understand where the company was going, and how best to prepare the employees, tenants, suppliers and customers of MC Home Depot, to embrace the coming changes.

The young corporate captain said that “The growth of MC Home Depot must be inclusive: we have to work to include our suppliers and merchant tenants in our growth and expansion. To do this we have to include the needs of our customers in our plans, and to interact with them where and how they choose to interact given the growth of technology.

Going Digital

MC Home Depot has the proud distinction of being the first “One-Stop-Shop” for high quality homebuilding and construction materials, home furnishing and related services. MC Home Depot continues to innovate and develop new ways to meet the needs and requirements of its vast and varied clientele. X years ago, MC Home Depot became the first and only on-line e-commerce homebuilding and hardware portal in the country - providing a much needed service to OFWs Balikbayans and homebuilders in far off provinces.

But as on-line trends start to change, MC Home Depot has recognized the need to update and upgrade In the next few months, the website will be replaced by a more robust platform that not only carries the full selection of products and services available in any MC Home Depot outlet, but comprehensive articles on the various products the site is selling; relevant industry news; and various tips, lists and how-to’s that will help educate MC Home Depot customers become champion builders.

The reach of MC Home Depot’s website and growing social media presence will now also be offered to its suppliers and tenants, who MC Home Depot Management sees as inclusive in the growth of the company. 

Full Service Expansion

In the next coming months, MC Home Depot will start taking steps towards the future. All departments within the fast growing company will now to undergo internal scrutiny aimed at improving efficiency and generating better services for MC Home Depot’s customers, tenants and suppliers. The management of MC Home Depot wholeheartedly embraces the idea that external growth for MC Home Depot will occur if they work to improve the company from the inside.

Aside from reviewing all processes and sharing best practices, MC Home Depot will be putting its employees to task – ensuring that each and every employee and officer of MC Home Depot is more than capable of meeting the demands of MC Home Depot’s growth.

In the next few months, MC Home Depot will transform into a true “one-stop- shop” for home, construction and building needs and services. New ideas, new processes, new technology, and new stores will bring MC Home Depot outlets closer to its tenants, suppliers and customers.

Giving back to the MC Home Depot Customer

This is MC Home Depot’s 6th Build and Drive Promotion. Sponsored by Landlite Philippines Corporation, Toyota Motors Taguig, and the various tenants of MC Home Depot, the annual store raffle promotion is MC Home Depot’s way of giving back to its loyal customers and MC Home Depot’s way of including its tenant stores in saying thank you to them.

This year, from July 1 to December 31, 2017 customers of  all three MC Home Depot stores with a minimum purchase of PhP 2,000, have a chance to win a 2017 Toyota Hilux, or one of six Honda 110 Alpha Motorcycles. The partnership also entitles customers who include PhP 500 worth of Landlite and Mean Well brand products in their PhP 2,000 minimum purchase, to double the amount of tickets to the raffle.

For more information on MC Home Depot’s “Build and Drive 6”, do visit or; visit MC Home Depot’s Facebook page at or; follow MC_HomeDepot on Twitter, and; MCHomeDepot on Instagram 

Join us as we celebrate our 22nd year anniversary! From September 15,16 to 17 visit any MC Home Depot Outlet (Fort, Ortigas, Pampanga) for big discounts plus the chance to win a brand new Toyota Hi-Lux or one of six Honda 110 Alphas in our 6th Build and Drive Raffle promotion. Every PhP 2,000 purchase entitles you to a raffle entry - and remember, if you purchase at least PhP 500 worth of Landlite Products, you double your raffle entries! So hurry and drop by any MC Home Depot Outlet - where we make everyone a Champion Builder.