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Why choose Tiles?

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The flooring of any particular home usually ends up as a compromise between personal tastes and budget. We've seen homes that go with plain cement floors; others go with vinyl tiles; still other homes enjoy the natural comforting feel and look of wood, and; we've even seen a few homes with the elegance of pure marble or granite for flooring. 

However the best compromise between taste, elegance, functionality and budget will always be ceramic tiles.  They will always be great to look at, easy to install and relatively cheap. Here are a few other benefits that ceramic tiles have over the other possible material:

Tiles are Water Resistant and Low maintenance. The glassy surface of Ceramic Tiles makes them practically impervious to water damage and stains – in fact you’re encouraged to regularly wipe their surfaces with a wet mop to keep them nice and clean.  You don’t have to worry about rowdy kids – or party guests – as any mess that they may make can easily be scrubbed away.  They are also resistant to humidity which is why they are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens where it can get hot and moist.

Tiles are Eco-Friendly. They are made out of very common raw materials – particularly glass, sand or clay – that’s exposed to high heat. In some rare cases, they can even be recycled. Ceramic Tiles also act as insulation for your home. Unless exposed to direct heat they will remain cool in the summer providing you with a cool respite from the heat as long as you stay close to the ground.

No VOCs. Because Ceramic Tiles are made under extreme heat, they have no impurities, or Volatile Organic Compounds, to release over time. Unlike other forms of flooring, Ceramic Tiles will not release VOCs over time. Ceramic Tiles will therefore not contribute to poor air quality or release hidden chemicals and other impurities that may affect the health of a resident. You still have to keep them clean though.

They’re easy to replace. While durable, Ceramic tiles can still be destroyed – don’t drop heavy objects on top of them. Unlike say a granite floor however, replacing broken tiles is relatively cheap and easy.

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