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4 Essential Manly Power Tools

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Here are 4 essential power tools that a man should have in his tool shed. 

Power Tools - Christmas came early



Christmas came early! There's just something magical about power tools that boosts men's egos and sends women swooning. It must be the idea of taking that power to create - and destroy - into one's hands and bending it to your will. So here are four power tools that you definitely should have in your workshop.

FIRST: The Circular Electric Saw. A circular electric saw powers a flat round blade through wood, metal, plastic and pretty much anything else. If you're smart, you won't remove the safety guard and will operate this with safety glasses on.

In the right hands, this seemingly large cutting tool is capable of making long or short precise cuts.


SECOND: The Electric Planer.  What an Electric Planer gives up on accuracy, it more than makes up for that loss in terms of speed and efficiency. An Electric Planer is the perfect tool to clean up after the burrs left by an Electric Saw on wood.



Electric Planers are so powerful they can also be used to strip paint off of some surfaces.


THIRD: Angle Grinder. Also known as a Side Grinder, Angle Grinders are handheld power tools that allow for abrasive cutting of just about anything (Wood, metal, masonry) – and, with the right attachments – metal polishing.



The Angle Grider is one of THE MOST Versatile cutting/grinding tools available. It's so popular it's commonly used in the WWE to interfere with cage matches. 


FOURTH: The Power Drill. The Cordless power drill is one of the most essential tools in one’s toolbox because not only can it be used as a drill that is not bound by the limits of an electrical cord, it can be used to turn screws as well. 



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