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3 Tips to Lighting your Living Room

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Here are three practical tips to lighting your living room.

The living room is the center of a man’s castle. If you love Game of Thrones, where the Iron Throne is, is your living room. It is easily THE MOST important room in the house because this is where friends, loved ones and family will congregate the most – yes more than the kitchen or dining room. This is where you work; this is where you play; this is where you spend time with your family; this is where you relax.

The living room says who you are.


And how it’s lit sets the ambiance to this room.

Establish Ambient Lighting: Taking into consideration the size of the room – seriously if you live in a small 30m2 condominium, a chandelier might not be the best thing to invest in. You just need enough light to set the ambiance for the room. Daylight provides your morning ambiance so ask yourself what your living room should look like at night. This will lead you to experiment with various lighting possibilities (Other than a central ceiling light). Try experimenting with a mix of lighting fixtures – wall, ceiling and floor. Remember this space says who you are, so be personal and intimate in expressing who you are.


Establish Task Lights: This is the lighting that you would need when you are actually working – say on a laptop or on a writing or an art project, or; the lighting that you would need for relaxation – such as watching TV, reading a book or even meditating or doing yoga. This light needs to be strong enough to keep your eyes from straining, yet not strong enough that the brightness leaves your eyes fatigued. They also have to be well positioned to keep their glare from going straight to your eyes or interfering with your monitor or screen.

Invest in a Dimmer: No matter how well your plan for the lighting of your home, there will be days when you need things to be brighter – for social occasions - or dimmer – for relaxation. So a dimmer may just become your best friend. Dimmers also help keep your electric bill down IF you use LED lights. Dimmers tend to raise your electric bill if you are using incandescent bulbs.


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