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6 Essential tools a man should own

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A quick Google search for the “Top tools every man should own” will reveal articles naming as much as 50 to 75 tools that men are expected to keep in their tool-box.  True, every man dreams of having a tool shed with hundreds of tools immaculately placed on display – each tool just waiting for the right time and job to be used (probably never), but we need to ask “What exactly  are the ESSENTIAL tools a man should own?”

Especially given that while the adage that “there is a tool for every job” may be true, so is the saying “Necessity is the mother of invention.”  We Filipinos are great adapters and will use tools for what they are not designed for in order to get things done.

Here’s what we think:

6 Essential tools every man should have

1)    The Claw Hammer: Aside from being a great tool for releasing pent up energy, hammers are definite essentials in one’s home for decorating, assembly – and even disassembly jobs – around the house.  The ability to remove nails and act as a lever for prying things open,  makes the Claw hammer a better choice over the metal-shaping Ballpeen hammer.

Stanley Claw Hammer

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 2)    A set of wrenches. Filipinos will adapt and make do with whatever is around, but having a set of these wrenches around the house can’t hurt:

a.     Pipe Wrench: One of the best tools to have around the house should a Zombie Apocalypse ever occur. Indeed few things make you feel manlier than the heft and weight of a solid cast steel Pipe Wrench in your hands. While commonly used to fix pipes around the house, the pipe wrench is also a great weight should you need to pin things down or keep pressure on something.

Stanley Pipe Wrench

b.    Adjustable Wrench: The name alone of this wrench explains why you should have it around the house. The Adjustable Wrench provides a flexibility that the Pipe Wrench cannot provide.

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3)    A set of pliers: In theory, pliers are meant to help grip small objects or help with electrical and other wire-work, but we’ve all probably used them as wrenches. Try to have these in your toolbox:

a.     Locking Pliers – Locking pliers are basically pliers that also work as clamps. They’re particularly handy when you need to clamp two items together to allow an adhesive to set or if you need to hold two things together for welding. People have found them to be invaluable when dealing with “rounded” screws and as make-shift replacements for broken levers or knobs.

Sentry Locking Pliers

b.    Slip-Joint pliers – These are pliers whose jaw range can be adjusted by manually shifting the pliers’ pivot point. Slip-joints are straightforward and simple to use making them a handy-tool to have around the house.

Slip Joint Pliers

c.      Long-nose pliers – as the name implies, these pliers have extended noses allowing for the fine manipulation of wire or other tiny objects, especially in areas too small for fingers to enter.

Long Nose Pliers


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4)    Screw-drivers: Easily one of the most versatile tools that every man should have. We’ve seen screw-drivers used to pry open jars and lids; We’ve seen them being used to keep doors and windows open; We’ve  seen them used to check if a car-battery has power, and; we’ve even seen them used as a hammer. Given the variety of screw-heads  one may encounter – both in terms of size and shape – a screw-driver that comes with an interchangeable set of heads would probably be the best investment.

Lotus Screw Driver set


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5)    Utility Knife: An industrial grade cutting edge that is far more durable and sharper than the blade of a pocket-knife.  You will need this.

Sentry Utility Knife

6)    Tape Measure: Or any tool that can be used to provide an accurate measure is a definite essential for any man’s tool-box.

Stanley Tape Measure