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Tips for choosing Tiles

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Here are a few simple tips to consider when choosing the right tiles for your home:


1)    Room size: Lighter and larger tiles – say pearl white, sand, marble  or cream 12” x 12” tiles – can help create the illusion of size for smaller cramped areas. Try to create a seamless flow between the tiles – so choose a grout that matches or blends well with the tiles – to create that feeling of space.


2)     Go for wood: “Wooden” tiles – or tiles that mimic the appearance of wood – are perfect for those who love the look of wood, but don’t have the time or money to maintain the upkeep of real wood. What the “wooden tiles” give up in terms of warmth and texture, they more than make up for in terms of durability, scratch-resistance and ease to clean.

3)    Slipperiness: Tiles can be notoriously slippery especially when wet. For bathrooms we recommend that you use tiles that are no larger than 8” x 8”. You can get really radical with this idea and go for a mosaic of tiles which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but adds to slip-resistance of your bathroom floor. You can also go for a tile with a textured surface – which is a feature of most ceramic tiles nowadays; Or – if budget is not an issue – go for the naturally slip resistant surfaces of pebble stone or Slate.


4)    Stone: If budget really, really isn’t an issue, then you should splurge on the luxury and durability of stone. Stone tiles made of Marble or Granite look incredible because no two stones will be alike and they give your home a sense of elegance that regular tiles would be hard-pressed to match. However, stone tiles have to regularly be treated to a sealant or they may fall victim to water damage and crumble.


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