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What paint should you use?

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Here are a few guides as to what paint you should use if you planning a repaint job for your home this summer.



  • Preparation:
    • If you’re going to paint an interior or exterior wooden surface, do take the time to clean it first and fill up any cracks, nailholes and other damaged spots with a sealing primer. If it wooden surface that will be out-doors, use an acrylic bonding primer instead of the regular sealing type primer.
    • o Sand the wood to a smooth finish.
  • Paint:
    • In-door surface: Try an oil based enamel paint. Oil enamels are durable and will give the wooden surface a nice glossy sheen that can be washed. Takes a while to dry though.
    • Out-door surface. Acrylic is probably the best option for out-door wooden surfaces. They come in different sheens so pick one that best suits your taste.


  • Preparation:
    • If that dull gray concrete wall is bringing you down, start by cleaning it. Remove all traces of dirt or mold from it. Then fill up all the cracks and holes with a masonry cement
  • Paint:
    • Again an acrylic based paint is the best option for concrete as they bond better than oil based paints.
Iron Works:
  • Preparation:
    • Take a steel brush and brush all the rust and dirt away from the exterior surface of the iron works that you will paint.
    • Welding may be required to fix/fill holes caused by rust. o Apply a thick coat of primer paint to the exterior surface and let this dry.
  • Paint:  
    • For Iron-works, an exterior grade oil-based paint is best for the job.

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