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MC Home Depot and Panasonic partner to launch SlimArt

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Panasonic SlimArt, a new series of elegant, slim electronic devices aimed at harmonizing any living space, was presented for the first time globally at the MC Home Depot Events Center in the Fort, Taguig.


The new Panasonic SlimArt electronic panel designs boasts of not just being slimmer and more elegant, but easier and safer to use around the home. The new SlimArt light-switches come with gentle LED indicators to make them easier to find in the dark, and; have new, wide spring-backed soft-touch switch panels for easy use. 


SlimArt devices are also made of color-fade and scratch resistant material, guaranteeing that the elegant snow-white exterior of the electronic devices will never yellow or fade. 


But Panasonic is not just looking to provide home and business owners with an elegant series of light-switches and electric sockets that easily blend and harmonize with any environment; with SlimArt Panasonic is also trying to set a global standard in safety and reliability.


Most of the plastics used in SlimArt incorporate heat resistant “Urea Resin.” Safety is further increased with the use of a far more conductive and far more heat-resistant copper alloy in the electrical wiring of SlimArt instead of brass. 



Finally the use of Panasonic’s proprietary direct driving mechanism in SlimArt’s light-switches ensures that pressure is constantly maintained on the connectors during use, ensuring heat stability and minimizing the danger of “Arcing” – the sparking of connectors during use that may lead to a fire. 


Panasonic SlimArt designs were made specifically for the Philippine Market.



In support of the launch of this pioneering product line – a spirit MC Home Depot is quite familiar with being the pioneer Home Depot concept store in the Philippines - From April 28 to May 31, 2017, MC Home Depot is offering a 10% discount for all cash and card purchases of Panasonic SlimArt products in ALL MC Home Depot Outlets! 

 Panasonic SlimArt launch at the MC Home Events Center in the Fort, TaguigPanasonic SlimArt launch at the MC Home Events Center in the Fort, Taguig

The MC Home Depot Events Center is open to hosting hardware and home related Trade events, interested parties may call 815-4759 (loc 127/115) or 6366944 (Loc 103/104/116).