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Fire Proofing Tips

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Given the investment that we all put into our homes, ensuring that fires never happen is one of our top concerns. Here are a few practical tips that you can use to help fireproof your homes:

1)    If you plan to build your home out of a lot of wood (Doors, your ceiling, interior walls, etc...), consider using a flame retardant to coat all wooden surfaces prior to painting. 

You can purchase Destiny Paint's Flame Shield Fire Retardant
at any of our MC Home Depot Branches

2)    If you like the look of wooden floors, consider using ceramic tiles that look like wood instead of actual wooden ones. Ceramic is more resistant to heat than wood.  

Here are some of JK Tiles Wood-Ceramic tile options
available at MC Home Depot

3)    Invest in a good set of fire extinguishers and make sure they are always charged.

MC Home Depot carries a variey of fire-extinguishers. Here are a few from Guardland.

 4)    Don’t scrimp on the electronics.  Check for the following:

a.     If you insert a plug into a socket and the plug sparks or falls out with little effort, your socket is either really old OR you bought a cheap socket. These sockets can become the source of fire and must to be replaced.

b.    If you have a device whose electrical cord heats up with use – like hairdryers or certain stoves – touch the casing of the socket where it was plugged. If it is also warm, then the socket is made of cheap plastic and is prone to melting or catching fire. Replace these immediately. 

c.     If you turn on your lights and they give off an intense flicker before a dimmer steady glow, your light switch may be “arcing” which is another source of fire.

Panasonic recently launched SlimArt
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