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3 Must Have Summer Buys

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Here are three items MC Home Depot buys that you may find fun and useful this summer season.

The GARDENA Garden Shower Duo: If you do a lot of gardening or have a special garden project this summer that is guaranteed to leave you caked in mud (And don’t want to bring all that filth into your house) – or you just want to escape the summer heat in a fun and frivolous manner, then the Gardena Garden Duo is for you.

Simply stick the spike into the lawn; adjust the height of the shower with the push of a button, and; cool down under a soft, wide-angle spray or a fine mist spray. 

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The COOLAROO Shade Sail: The summer heat can definitely be oppressive. Concrete is notorious for absorbing heat and bleeding it out as the sun goes down – making the interior of the house even hotter. You can prevent this by constantly showering your walls with water, building another wall, or by shading your walls with a Coolaroo Shade Sail. The Coolaroo Shade sail is:

·        Perfect for keeping your walls or any outdoor area of your home free from the effects of direct sunlight (90% of sunlight stopped);

·        Made of breathable fabric, so the gentlest of breezes will continue to circulate within the protected area;

·        A temporary measure that can be taken down and stored when the rains finally come, and;

·        Comes in various shapes and sizes allowing for varied situations and garden sizes. 


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 The WORTH Spring Telescopic Wand: Summer is the perfect time to give your house a much needed bath – A great idea that prevents the build-up of filth and other debris that could damage your paint, nd allows you to run a quick inspection of your home.. If you happen to live in a relatively tall house, you can drag around a step ladder with you as you hose your home, or; you can bathe your house with the precision and power thanks to the Worth Spring Telescopic Wand. 


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