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Three Home Safety Ideas for Semana Santa

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Here are three home safety ideas that you may wish to invest in if you are leaving for the long holiday.

How to Replace a Strikeplate

    • Replace the screws holding your door’s strike-plate (The metal part in the door frame). You’d be surprised just how easy it is to kick open a door – 34% of burglaries in the United States are a result of one or two swift kicks to the front door. That’s because even if you have an expensive lock-set, it may be holding the door in place with these puny ½ inch screws. There’s a Facebook story going a bit overboard with the person replacing the strikeplate screws with 4 or 5 inch  screws, but a sturdy pair of 3 inch screws should do the trick – and will be less likely to cut into anything electrical embedded in the wall.
    • Motion Sensor AlarmInvest in a motion-sensor alarm. Nothing quite says “Get out of my house!” or alerts the neighbors of a break-in quite like a 130 decibel siren. MC Home Depot has two motion –sensor alarms for sale on-line: One requires a key to stop the siren; the other requires a code. Yes, it is possible to destroy both alarms, but by the time the burglar does, your neighbors would have heard the ruckus. Drop by any of our MC Home Depot outlets to check out our alarms or visit our website by clicking here.
    • Get to know your neighbors. It will not cost you anything to be friendly and open to meeting the people next door. Showing you care creates a secure community of friends who will look after your property the same way you will look after theirs. 


Have a blessed and meaningful Holy Week from MC Home Depot!

* Strikeplate photo used under the Creative Commons License from Wikihow