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4 Steps to a clutter free garage

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Your garage can either be a place where you can stage your home building or improvement projects or a black hole. Unlike a black hole, you can see the mess that's there. Like a black hole, unless you organize things, your garage will keep on accumulating stuff never to be seen again.


Here are sure fire tips to permanently have a an organized garage

  • Inventory the mess
    Do this step when you have time to spare. Begin with clearing everything out of the garage and making a creating a “to throw pile” and “to sell pile”. The “to throw pile” are those items like old car batteries, old paint, and generally items that have no value (trash in other words). For toxic stuff like old car batteries etc, please dispose of them responsibly and bring to a recycling facility. The “to sell pile” are those items which you may have duplicates of, too much of or things that you haven’t used in more than a year. These are items that may still be useful to others but you have no use for anymore.
  • Everything in its proper place
    While your garage is empty, try to envision which things go where. An example would be all home maintenance tools in a one area, all gardening tools in another, all car related tools/items in still another area and so forth. This will make things easier to access should you need them.
  • Bling your garage
    Install pegboards for your tools again for organization and easy access, reel up your garden hose and coat your garage floor with the appropriate epoxy coating to make cleaning your garage floor stress free plus it makes your garage look new. All these items can be found in your friendly hardware and DIY shops.
  • Easy to move items
    As you are ready to move the items back into the garage, make sure to use trolleys for easier movement of larger items such as garage cabinets and the like. Also, for items that will be kept in boxes, create a list and mark it directly on the box or paste the list on so that you know which items are where. This will make your life so much easier down the road should you ever need to use said items.

Follow these sure fire yet easy steps to have a garage that is the envy of your neighbours! And don’t forget to host that garage sale and make a few bucks in the process. Now who wouldn’t want that!

Get to work guys!

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