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Mold, Mold, Go away! A Few Home Maintenance Tips About Molds

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Some types of mold in cheese, good. Mold in your home, bad.  

Living in a humid, tropical country like the Philippines, mold growing in our closets, on our window sills or just about anywhere in the home is a very common occurrence.  What are mold in the first place? Basically, molds are a form of microscopic fungi that grow rapidly and produce spores. We may think of these as just a nuisance but in actuality mold can pose a health risk.

The spores produced by molds can cause a wide range of effects, from nothing at all to allergic reactions or to even more serious illnesses depending on the type of mold found in the home, amount, general state of health of occupants etc.  Suffice it to say, mold in the home are unwelcome.  Aside from health risks, molds also cause damage to materials by discolouring and eventually ruining the material itself if left to propagate.

Mold problems occur normally in high moisture environments. Thus common mold growth may be seen in bathrooms, window sills and damp areas of the home. If the problem is slight, one can just use detergent, a brush, dust mask (remember, it’s not good to be breathing in the spores that come from mold) and rubber gloves.  For those of you living in rental units please don’t forget to notify the landlord and inform him of the problem before going all nuclear on your mold cleaning. It would be ideal that the landlord see the problem so that a proper solution may be reached.

To minimize mold growth, the following steps may be taken:

  1. Keep your home/apartment well ventilated
  2. Dry areas that have gotten wet and keep them dry
  3. Discard clutter and excess stored materials as these tend to collect dust and moisture (e.g. old clothes, wood, paper etc)
  4. Vacuum regularly
  5. Check areas below the sink as leaks and drips provide the moisture needed by molds, if any are found, have it repaired and dry out the surrounding area.
  6. Ventilate your closets regularly and keep them tidy (again, the more clutter the more chance for mold to grow)
  7. Clothes that are not used often (e.g. jackets, sweaters and the like) are best kept in sealed storage bags

These are just some of the basic things that may be done to minimize the issue with mold.  Remember: keep surfaces dry, reduce moisture in the area, clean often.  Make it part of your regular home maintenance during the rainy season.

Hope this helps!