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Why Spend On The Right Tools?

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So you've decided to take on a project yourself.  If you need to buy tools, make sure you get ones that will let you do a job well.  First they have to be the right tool for the job then they have to be of the right quality.  Don't scrimp on tools of the right quality.  Buying cheaper unreliable tools can potentially cost more, produce lower quality work, destroy your project, injure the user or put lives at risk. 



This is the first and most obvious (after you've made the mistake of buying "el-cheapo" non-branded tools) factor that will make you spend more.  Buying tools that won't last the project will simply make you need to buy more instead of the one you needed to begin with.  "But I can buy two even three of the cheaper brand".  Are you sure that's enough?  Most branded tools will last you a long time.  Tools are not supplies.  They are not supposed to be consumable. 

Performance and Workmanship

Cost can also come in the form of delays and additional man-hours caused by resetting a job because you have to replace a tool.

Measuring tapes, levels and the like are critical in placing or aligning building elements.  Misaligned doors, windows, walls, etc. may be tolerated at the cost of earning a poor workmanship award or it may necessitate a back job or tearing down and rebuilding what could have been done right the first time.  Add that as entry to your unnecessary expenses account.


Cutting tools that do not work well have a tendency to jump because they can't handle the job and end up injuring the user.  Wrenches that don't hold their bolts properly can slip damaging the workpiece or hurting the user. 

Safety devices that do not meet standards are unusually cheaper compared to better brands.  When safety gear do not meet standards, they will not protect the worker when it matters most.  It will not stop them from falling, shield eyes from stray debris gone ballistic or blinding light sources, muffle ear damaging sounds, insulate from electrical current.  Are you getting the picture? Are you willing to risk it?  An accident will be more than a book keeping entry.


In terms of costs, cheaper tools can actually cost you more.  Several tools (instead of one), lost man-hours, additional man-hours, medical bills: it all adds up.  How much does your reputation cost?

Home depots stock a good selection of reliable quality tools. If you want to be a champion builder, use the right tool for the job. 

Have you ever wished you spent a little more on the right quality tools after the fact?  Tell us about it.  Do you have a tool that has been epically bent out of shape?  Share it with us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.