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How to Write a Blog Article

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A pen in hand and a clean sheet of paper in front of you.  In some cases, hands resting on the keyboard, eyes staring at the screen.  Nothing.  You just can't seem to put anything down.  Wouldn't it be great to just start writing every time (specially during an exam with an essay question)? 

How do you get over this initial inertia and start putting something down?  Here is a guide to get you rolling. 


What is the problem anyway?  Ask the question to the answer you have.  Or if you've already done that in the title, put down a little ditty about the dilemma you are in.  Then, introduce a state where these things have been resolved.  Paint a picture of a situation that your reader can identify with. 


Explain that takeaway you want your reader to have from the post.   Answer the question you raised.  Solve the problem. And then there are the details of the solution.  Show a roadmap from concern, problem or pain to successful outcome.

This can be as short and sweet as a simple bulleted or numbered list.  It could also be in the form of several headings in bold font that have explanations under each. Mention examples if you wish.

If you are writing about tips on how to run barefoot

  • walk 2k the first 3 sessions in a week
  • familiarize yourself with the movement by jogging in place the same way a runner would keep on "running" while waiting for a stop light;
  • keep your torso upright;
  • take smaller steps that what you would do when running with shoes
  • add 200m to the next 3 sessions
  • increase your sessions 10% of LESS at a time
  • listen to your body, pain in the joints are not to be ignored
  • etc...



You can ask a question your reader would or concisely answer that same question.  Or how will this post be useful to the reader.  Rephrase this in an interesting way.  Look at magazine covers of your favorite magazines.  Which titles capture your attention?  How do they say it?

  • 5 ways to
  • Secrets of
  • 3 things to
  • Top 10
  • How to
  • The best, most, funniest
  • ________ revealed, exposed



Make sure it is relevant, related to your topic.  I've had some luck with stuff from Flickr that are for public use.  Every now and them, I find myself wanting to take pictures myself.


Try it a couple of times and soon you will find your own "voice", your own style.  You'll also probably learn more of what you want to share and how to share it.  Let's just get the ball rolling.


Taking my cue from a blog post on writing, you might want to give writing daily a shot.  Whether its for the company or for yourself, just write.  Everyday.  It does not have to see the light of day.  Or you might want to publish it on facebook.  It does not matter.  Write every day.


Keep it short.  Even a single paragraph can do the job. 

Respond to comments.  Fast! Really, fast!

Start the sharing by sharing it yourself.  No holds barred.  Email, FB, twitter, etc.

Remember to attribute or give due credit to your sources and even your inspirations.

There are tons of guides on the internet.  If I update myself with those resources, I'll never stop reading.  I've decided to read a number and make my own version for my own reference and continuously improve that.  You can source your improvements from readers by asking:

  • How do you start writing?
  • Share your tips for writing
  • What are your secrets?

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