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Stop Those Leaks Between Rainy Days

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The sun is out!  This would be a good time to plug those holes, cracks and gaps where water can seep through.

 Parts of your house you can check are:

  • gutters
  • downspouts
  • sinks
  • p-traps
  • roofing nails and rivets
  • roofing overlaps
  • airduct
  • flashing around drain pipes

particularly where these components connect

As a rule you need the surfaces clean, free of loose material.  Degreasing with lacquer solvent is also recommended if grease or oil is present.  If there is rust, make sure to brush and then to sand it down the surfaces.  Before actually applying the sealant or waterproofing, it would be best to roughen the surface if needed with a wire brush to facilitate good adhesion.   

Apply a continuous bead into the gap, crack or hole.  Fill completely.  Use a trowel or a spatula as needed to help put the sealant in its place.  There are sealants that can be applied even when wet while others need the surfaces to be free of excess water, so take note.  

When choosing sealants, make sure that it can handle the exposure to the weather and the temperature where it will be used.  Popular brands you can choose from are:

  • Super Vulcaseal All-around Sealant
  • Pioneer Elastoseal
  • Sure Seal
  • Dr Seal
  • Water Stop

If you want to cover entire surfaces such as roof decks, basements, kitchen, toilet and bath walls there are products for that too.  An example of this is, Sapal Elastomeric Sealant and Water Proofer is suitable for either vertical and horizontal sealing / water proofing applications.  It is good for around 5 sqm per liter per coat  

Whatever you choose, double check on the products features and application procedure.  Don't forget to get tools that will help you get the job done.  Make sure to follow instructions to get the best results.  

Let this brief introduction to sealants be a reminder.  Be your own champion builder and  repair those leaks in your house before the next downpour.   

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