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Pueblo de Oro: The Gold Standard in Community Living

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A lot of MC Home Depot regular customers are corporations who make bulk purchases from our stores. This makes a lot of sense given that homes, buildings and other projects are built in phases. MC Home Depot acts as a warehouse that Contractors, Architects or for anyone who builds a home can easily and readily draw material from. Today we’re starting a new series in the MC Home Depot Blog that will focus on the finished products – projects and homes that were made with quality products sourced from MC Home Depot.

So one sunny afternoon, we went out and visited one of our regulars in Pampanga: Pueblo de Oro.

Pueblo de Oro Development Corporation is a member of the ICCP Group: - the leading licensed investment house in the country. As such Pueblo de Oro holds itself up to a high standard of quality – A standard so high, they refer to it as a gold standard. A standard that they have maintained for over 20years

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3 Things you need to do Before, During and after a Storm.

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Since the rains are here and here with a vengeance, we thought that it would be a good idea to provide you with a few tips that should help you, your loved ones and your home weather the weather.

There are three things to consider when a storm is over the horizon: Yourself; Your loved ones; and your home.

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The “Other” reasons you should switch to LED lights.

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We already know that LED lights are longer lasting and far more energy efficient than regular fluorescent bulbs, but did you know that there are other benefits that make switching to LED lights a must and not just an option?

Here are five "other"  reasons why you should switch to LED:

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MC Home Depot 22nd Anniversary

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Recommitting to an inclusive future.

MC Home Depot President Lawrence Chung recently gathered the management team of MC Home Depot to share their ongoing departmental projects, plans and experiences with one another. For the past few months, the employees and managers of MC Home could feel the exciting electricity of change in the company, and the President wanted everyone to understand where the company was going, and how best to prepare the employees, tenants, suppliers and customers of MC Home Depot, to embrace the coming changes.

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