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Know Your Tools: Pipe Wrench

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An adjustable wrench for turning soft pipes, a plumber's tool of choice.  By design, the pipe wrench simply works.  

Hardened Self Locking Pivoting Toothed Jaws - will not deform before the pipe failure, the more force is applied the tighter the grip and teeth will dig into pipe,  turning the other way ensure quick release

Cast Markings - will endure harsh environments

Tapering I - Cross Section - maximum strength for the least material; radiused corners for comfort during use

Elongated Hole - easier hanging during those breaks from the hard work

Knurled Adjustment Piece - for better grip

Instructions?  Adjust the jaws until they fit snugly around the pipe.  Face jaw opening to the left for clockwise tightening.

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Plumbing Material: 7 Factors To Consider

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There was a time when plumbing systems were put together with pipes metal pipes.  While Galvanized Iron (GI Pipes) and copper tubing are still used, plastics are the predominant material used nowadays.  

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Why You Should Design With Your Ears

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Have you visited a hospital ward recently?  How did it sound?

Did you hear and understand the announcement at the bus or rail transit station?  

Did you enjoy your conversation with the people you were having lunch with?  

Designers can do more about building friendly, useful acoustic environment. 

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How to Choose your Flooring

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Ever wondered what floor would be right for your new room or hallway? Ever installed one type of flooring only to wish that you used another type instead? In this article are things you should think about to help you invest on the right floor.

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