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3 Tips to Lighting your Living Room

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Here are three practical tips to lighting your living room.

The living room is the center of a man’s castle. If you love Game of Thrones, where the Iron Throne is, is your living room. It is easily THE MOST important room in the house because this is where friends, loved ones and family will congregate the most – yes more than the kitchen or dining room. This is where you work; this is where you play; this is where you spend time with your family; this is where you relax.

The living room says who you are.


And how it’s lit sets the ambiance to this room.

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6 Essential tools a man should own

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A quick Google search for the “Top tools every man should own” will reveal articles naming as much as 50 to 75 tools that men are expected to keep in their tool-box.  True, every man dreams of having a tool shed with hundreds of tools immaculately placed on display – each tool just waiting for the right time and job to be used (probably never), but we need to ask “What exactly  are the ESSENTIAL tools a man should own?”

Especially given that while the adage that “there is a tool for every job” may be true, so is the saying “Necessity is the mother of invention.”  We Filipinos are great adapters and will use tools for what they are not designed for in order to get things done.

Here’s what we think:

6 Essential tools every man should have

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Tips for choosing Tiles

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Here are a few simple tips to consider when choosing the right tiles for your home:

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What paint should you use?

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Here are a few guides as to what paint you should use if you planning a repaint job for your home this summer.


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