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  • It is ON! MC Home Depot Build and Drive

    Been dreaming to get your hands on a Toyota Fortuner?  Here is your chance to drive one home.  Simply purchase 2,000 PHP worth of building and construction materials and other products from MC Home Depot branches to get 1 raffle ticket.  And with that 1 raffle ticket you just might be rewarded with a new ride.   Browse through our e-commerce site and you can go to our Ortigas or Fort branches to buy your materials and claim your tickets.    Read on for the raffle mechanics  Read More
  • MC Home Depot is Stepping It Up. Again!

    MC Home Depot is bent on being in the forefront of e-commerce for the building and construction industry. With its online store at, MC Home Depot is offering 24/7 an ability to conveniently and securely acquire your building and construction materials. Now MC Home Depot is inviting you to build a online resource for everything building and construction. Give us feedback, comments, suggestions. We're also on facebook, twitter, foursquare. Let's talk. Read More

4 Steps to a clutter free garage

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A clutter free garage

Your garage can either be a place where you can stage your home building or improvement projects or a black hole. Unlike a black hole, you can see the mess that's there. Like a black hole, unless you organize things, your garage will keep on accumulating stuff never to be seen again.

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Mold, Mold, Go away! A Few Home Maintenance Tips About Molds

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Some types of mold in cheese, good. Mold in your home, bad.  

Living in a humid, tropical country like the Philippines, mold growing in our closets, on our window sills or just about anywhere in the home is a very common occurrence.  What are mold in the first place? Basically, molds are a form of microscopic fungi that grow rapidly and produce spores. We may think of these as just a nuisance but in actuality mold can pose a health risk.

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Stop Those Leaks Between Rainy Days

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The sun is out!  This would be a good time to plug those holes, cracks and gaps where water can seep through.

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Why Spend On The Right Tools?

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So you've decided to take on a project yourself.  If you need to buy tools, make sure you get ones that will let you do a job well.  First they have to be the right tool for the job then they have to be of the right quality.  Don't scrimp on tools of the right quality.  Buying cheaper unreliable tools can potentially cost more, produce lower quality work, destroy your project, injure the user or put lives at risk. 

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