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Century Properties to build 3 New "Cities"

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The Residences at Commonwealth by Century PropertiesCentury Properties Group has entered into a memorandum of understanding between Indonesia’s Bakrie Global, and Revolution Pre-crafted Properties Ltd to build 3 mixed-use property developments – A Media City; A Sports City, and; A Technology Corridor.

Signed on April 28, far away from the tumultuous diplomatic spotlight of the 30th ASEAN Meeting, the memorandum of understanding hopes to increase tourism between the two countries and bring about a bright new age for Asian Media and Technology.  It is the hope of the memorandum that other ASEAN countries would later join the venture.

Under the agreement, the three companies will share technology and capital to create:

  • A Media City. This will have at its heart a state of the art multi-media center encased within a residential and commercial living space.
  • A Sports City. This is envisioned to be several modern sports complexes that the general public may use.
  • A Technology Corridor. This is envisioned to become the “Silicon Valley” of Asia. A place where the country – and the region’s – brightest minds can come together to generate and build future tech.

Century Properties Chair and CEO Jose E.B. Antonio had this to say about the memorandum signing: “I am very pleased to have this framework of collaboration with Bakrie Global of Indonesia to develop the Philippines’ first-ever Media City, Sports City, and Technological Corridor. This kind of synergy will help build the Philippines’ competitive edge as a tourism and hospitality destination with modern media and tech capabilities, as well as open a host of opportunities for business and employment.” 


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Fire Proofing Tips

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Given the investment that we all put into our homes, ensuring that fires never happen is one of our top concerns. Here are a few practical tips that you can use to help fireproof your homes:

1)    If you plan to build your home out of a lot of wood (Doors, your ceiling, interior walls, etc...), consider using a flame retardant to coat all wooden surfaces prior to painting. 

You can purchase Destiny Paint's Flame Shield Fire Retardant
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2)    If you like the look of wooden floors, consider using ceramic tiles that look like wood instead of actual wooden ones. Ceramic is more resistant to heat than wood.  

Here are some of JK Tiles Wood-Ceramic tile options
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3)    Invest in a good set of fire extinguishers and make sure they are always charged.

MC Home Depot carries a variey of fire-extinguishers. Here are a few from Guardland.

 4)    Don’t scrimp on the electronics.  Check for the following:

a.     If you insert a plug into a socket and the plug sparks or falls out with little effort, your socket is either really old OR you bought a cheap socket. These sockets can become the source of fire and must to be replaced.

b.    If you have a device whose electrical cord heats up with use – like hairdryers or certain stoves – touch the casing of the socket where it was plugged. If it is also warm, then the socket is made of cheap plastic and is prone to melting or catching fire. Replace these immediately. 

c.     If you turn on your lights and they give off an intense flicker before a dimmer steady glow, your light switch may be “arcing” which is another source of fire.

Panasonic recently launched SlimArt
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Philippine Government to create Golden Age of Infrastructure

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The Philippine Government aims to boost economic growth by establishing a Golden Age of Infrastructure.

The government has committed PhP 8.4 trillion (5.4 percent of the GDP and more than twice the amount committed to by the past 6 administrations) for the completion of the following projects:

  •  NLEX-SLEX Connector Road – a project initiated by the Aquino Administration that will link the North and the South of Metro Manila together in one “Skyway”
  • Mega-Manila Subway Project – a 25km subway system connecting Mindanao Avenue in QC to NAIA and FTI in Taguig.
  • Metro Manila Rapid Bus Transit System – a project initiated by the Aquino Administration that serves as a point-to-point bus system within Metro Manila.
  • Mindanao Railway – The creation of an efficient means of transportation within the island of Mindanao.
  • Clark Green City – A new urban center - and soon to be the focus of a real-estate boom - free of the traffic and congestion of Metro Manila and linked via the;
  • Manila- Clark Railway – a high-speed railway that will travel from Metro Manila to the Clark Green City and the;
  • Clark International Airport – which will reduce the congestion of NAIA. It will also serve as one of the major logistic centers for the;
  • Subic-Clark Cargo Railway – This will transport goods at a lower cost to and from Subic and Metro Manila.


  The Administration hopes that the completion of these projects will result in: 

  • A boost in Economic Growth: Due to the unlocking of bottlenecks and the increase in productivity and trade opportunities;
  • Job Creation: The construction and completion of the infrastructure projects will generate jobs for millions of Filipinos nationwide.
  • Tourism: Better airports and roads should lead to an increase in this sector;
  • The Decongestion of Metro Manila: The Duterte Administration is studying transferring all government offices – including Malacanang, Congress, the Senate and the Supreme Court – to  the Clark Green City helping decentralize Metro Manila allowing for the:
    • Reduction of traffic levels
    • Higher levels of productivity
    • Reduced pollution and the development of Metro Manila into a Green City. 

Photo Attribution: RioHondo at English Wikipedia


3 Must Have Summer Buys

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3 summer finds at MC Home Depot

Here are three items MC Home Depot buys that you may find fun and useful this summer season.

The GARDENA Garden Shower Duo: If you do a lot of gardening or have a special garden project this summer that is guaranteed to leave you caked in mud (And don’t want to bring all that filth into your house) – or you just want to escape the summer heat in a fun and frivolous manner, then the Gardena Garden Duo is for you.

Simply stick the spike into the lawn; adjust the height of the shower with the push of a button, and; cool down under a soft, wide-angle spray or a fine mist spray. 

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The COOLAROO Shade Sail: The summer heat can definitely be oppressive. Concrete is notorious for absorbing heat and bleeding it out as the sun goes down – making the interior of the house even hotter. You can prevent this by constantly showering your walls with water, building another wall, or by shading your walls with a Coolaroo Shade Sail. The Coolaroo Shade sail is:

·        Perfect for keeping your walls or any outdoor area of your home free from the effects of direct sunlight (90% of sunlight stopped);

·        Made of breathable fabric, so the gentlest of breezes will continue to circulate within the protected area;

·        A temporary measure that can be taken down and stored when the rains finally come, and;

·        Comes in various shapes and sizes allowing for varied situations and garden sizes. 


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 The WORTH Spring Telescopic Wand: Summer is the perfect time to give your house a much needed bath – A great idea that prevents the build-up of filth and other debris that could damage your paint, nd allows you to run a quick inspection of your home.. If you happen to live in a relatively tall house, you can drag around a step ladder with you as you hose your home, or; you can bathe your house with the precision and power thanks to the Worth Spring Telescopic Wand. 


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